Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There's debate out there regarding preference of 'quality' versus 'quantity' of followers. It's a combination of both. Ultimately it goes back to marketing 101 - what's your core purpose and marketing strategy for using social media? If you are in a niche market where interpersonal relationships make the difference in closing a sale, then quality is important. If you are in a business that has wide appeal and the more people you can touch with your marketing the better, then your strategy just may be to have a large following and hungry crowd for your goods and services. Think about why you are using social media - it's all in your strategy and how you intend to engage with users. One important question to ask: Where does my ideal brand customer hang out? Are they even spending time on social media? I have a client and we surveyed 20 of his ideal clients and not one of them spend any time on social media - they think it's a waste of time. So before you invest time peeping and tweeting, put your strategy before tactics.

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