Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Connected Farmer - From Passion To Fruition!

I have always had a passion for helping Canada's Agriculture sector!

I started supporting the sector back when I worked with the City of Summerside in Economic  Development, and we assisted an organization with the promotion of Farm Diversification into Agri-Tourism. That was back in the early 2000's. We helped organize information events at the Loyalist Country Inn & Conference Centre, conducted research, assisted with the events, and promoted those events through our communication channels at the time.

Starting in 2008, I launched Sweet Spot Academy (formerly known as Sweet Spot Marketing) and started working directly with producers, commodity groups, agri-businesses, federal and provincial government and a number of other industry players.

In 2009, I started delivering the Connected Farmer digital marketing and social media training program throughout the Maritimes, working with Federal and Provincial Governments, as well as different Federations of Agriculture and Commodity Groups throughout the region.

In 2015, I became one of seven certified Real Dirt on Farming Speaker Bureau facilitators and thoroughly enjoyed delivering the program within the Maritimes and Ontario through Farm and Foodcare Canada.

Now, in 2018, I have been working behind the scenes with two of my colleagues who have extensive experience working in Canada's Agriculture sector, to bring our collective passion for the sector to fruition, through the launch of:

The Connected Farmer:  we're an experiential digital marketing and communications company that bridges the gap between gate to plate by providing consumers and Canada's Ag sector with opportunities to meet, mix and mingle.

We're excited to unveil the wrap to proudly present Canada's first online Agriculture trade and consumer show.

We know consumers are turning to the internet to source information on the food they eat. We also know there is a lot of misinformation out there in the market place. The Connected Farmer Virtual show provides a digital space for consumers and Canada's Ag sector to come together and share the #RealDirt on Farming.


Nancy Beth is the President and Executive Consultant at Sweet Spot Academy, and co-founder of the Connected Farmer.

As an Internet and Digital Marketing veteran, Nancy Beth has vast experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Safety and Protecting Your Digital Footprint. Since 2010, Nancy Beth has been highly sought after to share her message on being a Digital Leader, using the Internet & Social Media for good, and how to safely navigate the Social Web. 

Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach | Training Consultant | Founder of Sweet Academy (@sweetspotacadmy) | (@nbguptill)  |  (@connectedfarmer)

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Your Life (and Business) Is A Narrative Driven By Your Dominant Thoughts

The timeless saying ‘If you think you can you will, if you think you can’t you won’t” is the perfect example of becoming your thoughts.

Often our biggest battles in life are those that take place inside our own mind, and the self-limiting beliefs we impose on ourselves.

As someone who works with vulnerable people, I often work with clients who do not know their value or their worth, and therefore believe the many lies others have put over them. Today, I worked with a client who received some pretty big accolades on their work performance of which they had never heard about themselves. They are not used to hearing others tell them how important and valuable they are, especially from someone in a position of authority over their work life. The client found the positive feedback so overwhelming they broke down and cried, and when they received even more positive feedback they were so uncomfortable it lead to a full fledged panic attack.

It is so important, no matter where you are in your life or business, to keep your mind focused on what you want to achieve and gain in life, and to surround yourself with like minded positive people who share your values.

Conflicted relationships in both business and personal can really drag you down. You have to question continued involvement when values clash and constantly facing crises moments. Putting boundaries up and exiting those relationships may be best.

This is the lesson my client learned today. That there are people and circumstances they need to claim back their power from, put up boundaries with some, while completely terminating relationships with others. Their low self-esteem is rooted in toxic relationships with specific people who constantly discredit their abilities, resulting in them putting up emotional barriers of self-doubt to a point where they held themselves back from achieving greater success in life because they felt they were incapable of doing the work. When they heard from their superiors the confidence and abilities they see in them, it was an overwhelming experience because they are not used to people complimenting them.


Sweet Spot Academy offers a suite of scalable solutions that simplify the 'how' to keep your business moving forward. We work with entrepreneurs, small business and nonprofit organizations to filter out the noise and confusion in an overcrowded digital landscape to find practical answers and solutions that helps solve their business need or problem.

Ultimately, we help you define what you are truly after, then help you focus your budget and your time in the places that will yield the best return on your investment.