Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hope Marketing Versus The 5 Point Profit System

In this Facebook Broadcast, I introduce the difference between Hope Marketing and the 5 Point Profit System.

In the broadcast, I mention our 5 Point Profit Calculator.  Below is the link to the calculator so you can see that with just a little bit of focus on these areas, you can generate substantial new profit for your business, using direct marketing and business building strategies.

Link to 5 Point Profit Calculator 

With our 5 Point Profit Formula you can experience new growth and profit in your business.  Swing by our website and input your baseline information (actual numbers you have achieved to date using your most recent annual figures) then calculate the potential new profit you can achieve by focusing on these 5 areas:
  1. More Leads
  2. More Conversions
  3. More Transactions
  4. Higher Prices
  5. More Profits


Nancy Beth is an Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner, Founder of Sweet Spot Academy and a Motivational Speaker for Women & Girls.

At Sweet Spot Academy, we solve and simplify "HOW" to keep your business moving forward by offering a suite of know-how based business training and empowerment programs.  We focus on small group workshops and customized training programs.

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