Thursday, July 21, 2016

Which Digital & Social Media Platforms Should I Use? #AskSweetSpot

Hi Folks. It’s Digital & Social Web Thursday’s on Ask The Expert Broadcasts.  Today I am answering the question: 

While this is a basic question, it is a really good one because more often than you would think, individuals and companies are establishing themselves on a platform without giving any thought to strategy or whether their audience base hangs out there.  In answering this question, there are four questions I want you to write down that you really need to answer for yourself as follows:  

1)    First and foremost, what are your business reasons for using digital and social media? In other words, what are your overall business and marketing goals,and  what do you hope to achieve?

2)    How will using digital and social media help you accomplish those goals?  It really comes down to strategy before tactics.

3)    Where are your consumer audiences hanging out online? Where are they gathering to connect and socialize?

4)    What conversations are they having:  What are they talking about? What questions are they are asking? What referrals are they making? What key words and phrases are they using, what hashtags are they using.      

To answer these questions, I am going to provide some digital images below that will provide some guidance in how to go about answering them.  Meanwhile, I'll share with you, I am hosting one day workshops on "The 8 Steps To Developing Your Social Media Strategy" in late August and early September in Prince Edward Island, at Summerside Regional Development Corporation in Summerside and The Spot in Charlottetown.  I'll include the workshop overview below and will be announcing the workshop shop dates next week. This is an awesome program that will help you develop practical social media strategy and tactical plans that will help you connect and engage with your target audiences. 

This concludes our Ask The Expert Broadcast for Thursday, July 21st.  Please send in your questions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email and be sure to use the hashtag  #AskSweetSpot   

Here's to your success - and make it a great day! 
Nancy Beth Guptill, President & Executive Consultant at Sweet Spot Academy

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NANCY BETH is the President & Executive Consultant at Sweet Spot Academy.

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