Friday, January 28, 2011

Quality Content is How you Get Found and Noticed in Today's New Media Marketing World

Quality Content is how you get noticed and found in today's new media marketing world. People use the internet to conduct research and source suppliers. The information you share on your website, in your blog, in your posts on facebook, twitter and LinkedIn really does matter.

It's more than just idle chatter.   If you own an accounting firm, and all you chat about is the color of your socks while your competitor posts meaningful information about accounting topics, when people search for accountants in your area, the search engines will likely find your competitor first because (s)he's supplying the answers to the questions that are being asked, while you are too busy talking about the color of your socks. All information that people share across the internet gets indexed by search engines so when people put in search queries those search engines crawl the internet to find the answers to those queries.

So yes ... You need a strategic content and posting mix, and you really need to pay close attention to whether or not your social media efforts have a positive impact on your website traffic.

Nancy Beth Guptill, Founder of Sweet Spot Marketing

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