Thursday, June 10, 2010

WOW - that was an awesome Retail Marketing webinar hosted by Bill Jackman of Thrive Retail Marketing. Some very excellent tips: 

(1) Know who your ideal customer is so you can attract the right people to your store
(2) Increase your conversion rate of those coming through
(3) Retain these ideal customers and build your database through email marketing
(4) surrender those who are not your ideal - let these customers go because they cost you too much - let them buy from the big-box retailer.

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June 22 - Summerside:

June 24th - Charlottetown:

We'll show you how to use the THRIVE Retail Marketing Technology, plus help you build your strong foundation so you attract the right customers, generate higher daily traffic levels, convert more customers, grow your customer base and surrender unprofitable customers.

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