Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Walk Your Talk

The best way to reinforce your brand message is to actually follow through on your self promotion and marketing promises you make.  This can be achieved through the development of a Content Strategy for your Blogging, Emailing and Social Media Marketing efforts.

All too often companies and individuals using email and social media, do not have a content strategy and are in a reactionary mode, taking a half-hazard approach to their blog posts, status updates and e-news letters.  They do things on the fly, writing and sharing content when they see something they are inspired to write about, and often include their own personal perception, slant, insight and judgment.

While it is good to be spontaneous, because often there is pure passion coming into the piece that is being written (whether a 140 word micro-blog post or a full 500 word post) it happens time and time again .... double talk results full of contradictions, and in some cases being "Guilty of Your Own Convictions".

Do a self assessment. Read your blog posts, social media updates, email marketing messages ... go back and do an inventory of the last six months.  Be completely honest with yourself and try to view your content from a third party perspective.  Ask yourself this question "Have I, in any way, contradicted myself and become guilty of double talk?  Or am I living true to my own personal brand values, core messaging and little rants I go on about?"

Blogging for Business is critical in an era where Content is King!  Using Social Media to connect and engage with your different social networks is just as important.

One thing many companies and individuals overlook is developing a content strategy that is based on their core values, marketing objectives and growth goals for their business.  By having a proper content strategy, you keep your messaging on track with what you are attempting to achieve, and you avoid double talk.

Most importantly, you end up "Walking Your Talk", and following through on your messaging, which builds trust and confidence in your ideal customers that you want to do business with.


Author: Nancy Beth Guptill, Founder of Sweet Spot Marketing Canada,

Date: March 2, 2011

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