Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Girls & Social Media - The Brand of You

  Girls & Social Media "The Brand of You - Protecting Your Identity, Reputation & Image" is funded     by PEI's Interministerial Women's Secretariat

Girls love the internet and social networking. The two have become intricate parts of their daily lives affecting everything from how they connect and communicate with friends, learn about the world around them, spend their leisure and entertainment time, and define their self image and social worth. While there are many benefits to using social media, with its use comes inherent dangers that puts girls of all ages at serious risk.

Managing and protecting your online identity and digital footprint has become increasingly important. The purpose of The Brand of You! is to educate girls on the benefits and dangers of social media, while empowering them to use social networking for good.

This workshop will teach girls how to manage their online presence, encourage them to use social media for good, educate them on how to create positives profiles and digital footprints, and protect themselves from some of the more serious risks and dangers that are associated with using the internet.

  • Use the Internet and Social Media for Good
  • Find Your Voice & Be a Positive Influence
  • Create Positive Profiles, Relationships & Digital Footprints
  • Protect Your Identity & Online Image
  • Protect Against Risks: Predators, Bullies, Identity Theft, Social Media Depression
  • Tips, Advice, Best Practices
  • Careers in Digital Technology & Social Media

  • Hosts:        EPWIC & Western School District
  • Dates:        During the Month of November 2012
  • Times:       TBD
  • Location:   Junior High Schools in Western PEI

SPONSOR: The Interministerial Women's Secretariat, Prince Edward Island


Workshop Hosts

  • East Prince Women's Information Centre
  • PEI Western School District


Andy Lou Somers
East Prince Women's Information Centre  
Phone: 902-436-9856

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