Friday, October 29, 2010

Podcasting Is Much Easier Than You Think

Well, I finally did it!  I started podcasting - something I have wanted to do for ages and finally took the time to educate myself on some of the tools and technologies out there.

I've started by a simple message which you can access below or to your right - this is an introduction to myself and Sweet Spot Marketing to provide some background information on who I am and what type of information I share here on my blog. IntroFromNancyBeth-SweetSpotMarketing.mp3

Looking forward to sharing meaningful and valuable information on Marketing, Business Development and Online Social Media Marketing with my clients and online friends,

Here's to you and your marketing success!

Testing My First Podcast

This is all a test to see if I can get a podcast going on my website.  Lets see how I do.

I just received an email to book a new Social Media workshop in February 2011. It's in a really neat industry and the Guest Speaker for the workshop is extremely well known to PEI, likely beyond. Can't wait to share the details late November.
In this New Marketing Era, the most powerful form of advertising and promotions is Share of Voice and Conversation. In fact, Markets are Conversations and these markets exist online across the different Social Media Networks.Current 2010 statistics published by Nielsen Company and eMarkter, indicate that nearly 75% of all Internet Users are regular users of social networks. Further, 93% of internet users active in Social Media, expect a company to have a social media presence, plus they expect to actively engage with that company online. Social Media is a component to your overall marketing plan, and if you do not have a Social Media presence, you are missing significant business opportunities because you have an incredible gap in your overall marketing program. This gap is called leakage and missed opportunities that your competition is likely capitalizing on, or soon will be.Nancy Beth Guptill, Founder of Sweet Spot Marketing

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here's Why You Need A Social Media Strategy AND a Content & Engagement Strategy: "93% of Internet Users active in Social Media EXPECT a company to have a social media presence PLUS they EXPECT to ACTIVELY ENGAGE with that company. source: Sally Falkow
In less than 24 hours, Cool Tools for Tourism Operators sold out. We used Email Marketing and some Facebook and Twitter. How cool is that! #EventMarketingOnline made easy. That's my new workshop being released late November 2010.
Social Media for business is more than just talking. Your success in social media depends on two key factors (1) The quality of your content and (2) engaging people based on good content that has meaning and relevance to your audiences. Bottom Line: You need a well thought-out content strategy.
In 2010, the most powerful form of marketing, promotions and advertising is 'Share of Voice and Conversations'. You need to be measuring and monitoring the word of mouth conversations and online viral buzz about you, your products, your brand, your company. Bottom line, your share of voice leads to increased market share.
Working on Social Media Strategy proposals this morning, and some potential new Social Media Marketing training opportunities. People like that I offer #SocialMediaAssessments as a starting point, before even developing the strategy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Take Your Retail Business to the Next Level with Thrive Retail Success System

Sweet Spot Marketing and Thrive Retail Success System have teamed up to provide marketing and business development solutions for independent retailers, which includes any business that has a retail component.  Get Your FREE Retail Review Today

Thrive is a revolutionary retail success system designed to show independent retailers how to achieve measurable, profitable, results from their sales and marketing activities.

The Thrive Retail Success System is a proven, easy-to-use web-based application that provides independent retailers with an expert review of their operations, a customized step-by-step retail success plan and the controls to manage their business like an expert.  For an investment of $997, independent retailers wanting to take their business to the next level will gain the tools and confidence to overcome the tough challenges associated with today's retail market.

Thrive Retail Success System will show you how to:  
  1) Find, attract, and retain more of your best customers   
  2) Select products your best customers really want   
  3) Increase your average sale and improve your margins   
  4) Monitor the most important "numbers" in your business   
  5) Gain confidence in managing your marketing, sales and operations.   
  6) Create follow-up strategies that maintain buying interest.


STEP 1:  Your Retail Review ... gives you the direction you need to achieve success. Thrive's thought provoking questions will analyze your business from a fresh perspective. The result? A FREE customized report that introduces you to the Three Critical Factors that control your potential for retail success.

Step 2: Create Your Retail Success Plan ... shows you how to grow your business in just minutes a day using the Three Critical Factors. Set goals and get focused; identify your best customers and start working smarter; get the guidance and expert insight you want through easy-to-read recommendations that work for you.

Step 3: Manage Your Success ...apply your plan to attract more of your best customers and manage your sales and marketing growth like an expert.Increase your average sales and improve your profit margins. Ensure consistency of your operation, even when you're not there.

Facebook for Business - November 16, 2010

With 500 million people using Facebook, if it were the population of a country, it would be the biggest in the world. According to CBC, 900,000 Canadians signed up for the first time to Facebook in May of this year.

Even more important, taking it close to home, Facebook statistics for Prince Edward Island and Canada, based on July 1st 2010 population counts: Approximately 42% of PEI's population and 45% of Canada's population are using Facebook.

Without any doubt, it has become an integral part of our culture, communication and communities. And with statistics like these, how can you NOT have a presence?

While these statistics may be great, the question YOU have is: "How do I use this for my business?" This is where Nancy Beth and Maureen step in.

In our Facebook for Business workshop you will learn:

  - how Facebook generates revenue
  - how to create a targeted advertising campaign
  - examples of local and global companies using Facebook
  - how to set-up a fan page
  - how to set-up a group page
  - what the difference is between the two
  - how to communicate with potential clients
  - how to drive traffic to your website

This workshop is designed to get you up and running on Facebook using a viable social media marketing strategy. You may have attempted to use Facebook for your business already and have been disappointed with the results. Come and join in on our Facebook for Business workshop and learn how to use this massive social networking platform strategically for your business.

Register today for Facebook for Business with Social Media Marketers, Nancy Beth Guptill and Maureen Kerr, a workshop extension from the popular "Cool Tools: Social Media for Marketing" workshop which is on Tuesday, November 16th at 9am. 

"Facebook for Business" begins at 1:30pm - 3:30pm on the same day. Attend both for $125 or just "Facebook for Business" for $75.


Century 21 Colonial Realty in Charlottetown, Prince Edward IslandWe will be meeting in Century 21's Boardroom

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cool Tools Social Media Marketing workshop, facilitated by Nancy Beth
Guptill of Sweet Spot Marketing, and Maureen Keer, introduces 10 cool
tools that business, associations and non-profits can use to brand, market
and promote their organization.

"Well presented - do it" Steve Reaman, Innovation PEI

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cool Tools Social Media - November 16, 9 AM - 12 Noon, Charlottetown

There was such a wonderful response to the Cool Tools Social Media workshop hosted in September, we had a wait list in Charlottetown for those eager to attend.   For those who couldn't make it or have heard the buzz about the great value of this workshop, come join Maureen Kerr and I on November 16, from 9 AM - 12 Noon.  

'Cool Tools' Social Media Workshop
November 16, 2010, Charlottetown, 9 AM - 12 Noon 

"For anyone trying to figure out which tools to use for online presence, this workshop was very helpful. The seminar/workshop accomplished exactly what was advertised: A discovery of Cool Tools to use for Social Media"
~ Paul Allan, Magic 93 Radio

"A lot of information with very useful bits embedded. Very useful introduction to the use of social media for business, regardless of the type of business you have."
~ Denise Lockhart, Family Service PEI

"Very well presented - Do it!" ~ Steve Reaman, Innovation PEI


This 3-hour workshop will introduce you to some of the most popular (and easy to use) social media tools and web applications that you can use to create your marketing plan. You will learn how to use these 'cool tools' to market, promote and brand your business.

Social Media has exploded into our world and from a marketing perspective, it is unprecedented. Never before have there been so many ways to connect to customers, clients and communities. Every second of the day, more and more people are engaging in conversations online and companies that are not paying attention to this glaring trend are missing out. Making connections, building your brand, getting referrals, creating value, advertising for significantly less – are all attainable through using social media and incorporating this phenomenon into your marketing plan.

  * What social media actually is
  * How to make a social media presence
  * How local companies are using social media
  * What web-based technologies are out there
  * How to use social media for research
  * How to use social media in your marketing
  * How to extend the personality of your brand online
  * How to build credibility and strengthen reputations through the use of social media
  * Potential funding for your social media ideas


TO REGISTER: Visit Our Event Registration Page

Here's what others have said from September 2010:

"Perfect balance of portraying existing and new types of social media"
~ Ellen MacPhail, Vessy Seed's

"Informative, Great Speakers, Eye Opening"
Tracy Corrigan, Vesey Seeds

"Great Eye Opener - very knowledgeable. Lots of new apps that are out there"
~ Marsha Doiron, Holland College

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Facebook Statistics for PEI & Canada

Facebook Statistics for PEI & Canada:  

Based on July 1st,  2010 population counts, approximately 42% of PEI's population and 45% of Canada's population is using the Social Network - Facebook.  

I get asked all the time by businesses, associations, non-profits, government and independent consultants if they should create a facebook business page or group for their organization. With statistics like this, coupled with a proper Facebook For Business Strategy, how can you NOT have a presence? 

At Sweet Spot Marketing, we can help you use Facebook for Business.  Based on your current business purpose, we will review your business marketing plans and strategize on how you can use Facebook to help you accomplish your overall business goals and objectives.  

We can create custom Facebook Profiles, including custom Facebook Business Pages and Groups.  We can help you publish meaningful information, plus show you how to interact with your audiences so you are engaged in two-way conversation.  We can show you how to build an online community, while creating positive, talkable experiences that will create raving fans.

Always Remember - your online social media presence provides an opportunity for your different target audiences to experience the personality of your brand online.  It's important to allow for engagement and relationships building through two-way conversations, while setting the expectations of what it is like to do business with you.

Facebook provides a wonderful opportunity for you to build online relationships and networks, you just need to know how to effectively build a proper business page that engages your different audiences, and we can show you how.

If you are ready to start building a Facebook Community of raving fans for your organization, email