About Sweet Spot Academy

Small and medium size business operators need expert advice. After all, successfully running and growing a business means overcoming many obstacles and challenges. Business operators crave advice and seek reassuring live contact to keep them motivated, confident and on-track. The sole purpose of Sweet Spot Academy is to train, coach, mentor and guide, small businesses on how to build a successful business.

We have trained thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners in Atlantic Canada, and we make running, building, and growing businesses easier through our practical, ready to apply 'how-to' business training, coaching and advice. We believe experienced experts who have 'been there, and done that' are best suited to provide real-world training, advice, assistance and products to support small business operators in the launch and growth of their business. 

Positioned between a full-time institution academic business program and topic-only seminars, our programs reach existing and aspiring operators seeking affordable, comprehensive and real-world business training in a short period of time. Participants learn new marketing and business management skills that are essential in running and growing successful businesses. They discover how to save time and money by avoiding the most common mistakes. Most importantly, they receive expert guidance and support to help them reach their goals, both personally and professionally.

Founded in 2008, Sweet Spot Academy specializes in small business marketing and business development training, coaching and consulting services. We work with government, industry organizations and corporate business who serve sector specific entrepreneurs, small business and commodity groups. We work with our clients to develop customized training programs tailored to the specific and unique needs of the industry and business sector.

In consultation with clients, we develop customized training programs that include a combination of live training, webinars, and e-learning coaching and support using online project management software, VOIP technology and three e-learning membership sites. One e-learning program focuses on Small Business Start-up, another focuses on Marketing & Business  Development and the third focuses on Online / Internet Marketing with a focus on Digital &  Social Media Marketing.

While the marketing and business development training programs are topic specific, an underlying goal is to teach participants the principles and methodologies of how to develop marketing and business development systems that produce predictable results, and can be applied to any initiative that is undertaken by the business.

We also provide consulting and coaching services to government, industry groups and corporate business. We work on a project by project basis or on long-term contracts as an outsourced, fully integrated traditional and digital marketing department.