Friday, August 8, 2014

Facebook's OTHER Inbox

Could you be missing messages people send you through your Facebook Business Page or Personal Profile Page? Or have you had that embarrassing moment when a client tells you they sent you a message through Facebook but you were certain you never received it?  

It's quite possible those messages are there, you just need to know how to find them.

You see, both your Facebook Business Page and Personal Profile Page has an 'OTHER' folder in your Facebook Inbox that many users are unaware of.  

For your personal profile, check it out or on a mobile browser use

If someone sends you a message through Facebook and they are not a fan of your Facebook Page or you are not 'Friends on Facebook', their messages will land in your 'OTHER' inbox.

Facebook Business Page
Other Inbox - Facebook Business Page

Facebook Personal Profile Page
Other Inbox - Personal Profile Page

There are 5 Types of Messages you will find in your OTHER INBOX:
  1. Confused friends who don't know how to add you on Facebook
  2. Event Updates
  3. Page Updates
  4. Creepers
  5. Spam

To learn more about your "OTHER Facebook" folder or to change the settings, visit Facebook's Help Centre

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