Thursday, November 9, 2017

Social Media ... It's More Than Just Talking!

Gone are the glory days of social media where our posts had wide spread organic reach with 90% viewership. 

The honeymoon phase is over, and companies are looking to monetize and profit from their investments. We have now entered into the "Pay to Play" spectrum where, in order for our messages to be seen, we are going to have to invest in paid advertising and learn how to leverage the incredible inherent SEO value in using our listings and social posts to show up in search engines and in newsfeed. 

Ultimately, social media platforms are digital advertising companies, no different than the traditional mediums of yesteryear.


Sweet Spot Academy offers a suite of scalable solutions that simplify the 'how' to keep your business moving forward. We work with entrepreneurs, small business and nonprofit organizations to filter out the noise and confusion in an overcrowded digital landscape to find practical answers and solutions that helps solve their business need or problem.

Ultimately, we help you define what you are truly after, then help you focus your budget and your time in the places that will yield the best return on your investment.


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