Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Benefits of Small Group Workshops

With the buzz of social media and virtual webinars and seminars, while they do play an important role in training and educational workshops, quite often they are not enough. 

In my twenty plus years’ experience of developing and delivering customized training and empowerment programs, there is no substitution for face-to-face communication, collaboration, education and learning.  No matter how many times I dissect the pie, it boils down to the majority of entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelance independent consultants preferring live interaction and collaboration with others, holding them accountable to implement the necessary changes and new skills they have acquired.

For this reason, Sweet Spot Academy has designed a suite of small business training workshops and educational empowerment programs in small group workshop format.  Small group teaching provides a unique experience for participants where they have the opportunity to leverage the brain trust of others in the group. It is an intimate, relational experience that cultivates creativity, passion and enthusiasm. Learning is more participant-centered where individuals collaborate, communicate and build confidence in themselves and in dealing with others. While receiving and giving immediate feedback, participants experience more hands-on support as they achieve group work and individual tasks.   

In small group learning, facilitators play a pivotal role to the success of achieving learning outcomes.  A key goal is to motivate, inspire and build participant confidence, while allowing for independent and group collaboration learning experiences to come to the forefront that build communication skills. 

The great benefit of small group learning is each group is unique, creative, complex, and inspiring in its own way. Here at Sweet Spot Academy, we guide our clients through our unique facilitated processes so they have the resources, plan and answers to move their business and ideas forward.


Nancy Beth is an Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner, Founder of Sweet Spot Academy and a Motivational Speaker for Women & Girls.

At Sweet Spot Academy, we solve and simplify "HOW" to keep your business moving forward by offering a suite of know-how based business training and empowerment programs.  We focus on small group workshops and customized training programs.