Saturday, October 7, 2017

Know Your Audience! Benefits of Using Instagram

One of the keys to using social media for business is knowing who your ideal audience members are and where they spend their time online.

Many small business owners feel a pressure to be 'everywhere', however, it is much better to narrow your focus to use a few social platforms effectively than to spread yourself too thin to a point of being ineffective.

Instagram has some major benefits.  It is highly visual and engaging with the ability for video and storytelling.  You can build an audience / community within the platform, and it is a push medium where you can create one message and push it out to three other platforms to expand your reach and online presence.

The three platforms that integrate with Instagram are Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler.  We know Facebook is the largest and most popular social media platform for the consumer audience.  

Pretty much every consumer audience and demographic that uses social media spends time on Facebook to varying degrees. Facebook is a pretty safe bet to invest time in developing a community within the platform if you are targeting the consumer audience.  However, do your primary research first, and find out where your customers / clientele are spending their time online simply by asking them.

Twitter, like Facebook, has a diverse user base. However, of all Internet Users and the total adult population using social platforms, fewer Internet users and adults are on Twitter compared to Facebook.   According to Pew Research Centre, 79% of all Internet Users and 68% of all adults are active on Facebook, as compared to Twitter with 24% and 21% respectively, and Instagram with 32% and 28% respectively.

Tumblr is a visual blogging platform with approximately 70% of its users being the millennials (people who were born between 1982 and 2004).

You can see the importance of taking the time to clearly define your ideal audience and knowing where they collect online.  However, to minimize your effort while maximizing your Return on Investment, Instagram may be an ideal social platform for you to reach your varying consumer audiences given its ability to move the message out to three very diverse platforms that reach entirely different audiences.  


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