Thursday, October 14, 2010

Facebook Statistics for PEI & Canada

Facebook Statistics for PEI & Canada:  

Based on July 1st,  2010 population counts, approximately 42% of PEI's population and 45% of Canada's population is using the Social Network - Facebook.  

I get asked all the time by businesses, associations, non-profits, government and independent consultants if they should create a facebook business page or group for their organization. With statistics like this, coupled with a proper Facebook For Business Strategy, how can you NOT have a presence? 

At Sweet Spot Marketing, we can help you use Facebook for Business.  Based on your current business purpose, we will review your business marketing plans and strategize on how you can use Facebook to help you accomplish your overall business goals and objectives.  

We can create custom Facebook Profiles, including custom Facebook Business Pages and Groups.  We can help you publish meaningful information, plus show you how to interact with your audiences so you are engaged in two-way conversation.  We can show you how to build an online community, while creating positive, talkable experiences that will create raving fans.

Always Remember - your online social media presence provides an opportunity for your different target audiences to experience the personality of your brand online.  It's important to allow for engagement and relationships building through two-way conversations, while setting the expectations of what it is like to do business with you.

Facebook provides a wonderful opportunity for you to build online relationships and networks, you just need to know how to effectively build a proper business page that engages your different audiences, and we can show you how.

If you are ready to start building a Facebook Community of raving fans for your organization, email


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