Friday, January 7, 2011

Share of Voice and Conversation are the most powerful forms of Advertising

In this New Marketing Era, the most powerful form of advertising and promotions is Share of Voice and Conversation.  In fact, Markets are Conversations and these markets exist online across the different Social Media Networks.

Current 2010 statistics published by Nielsen Company and eMarkter indicate that nearly 75% of all Internet Users are regular users of social networks.  Further, 93% of internet users active in Social Media expect companies to have a social media presence, and they expect to actively engage with companies online.

Needless to say, Social Media has exploded into our world and from a marketing perspective, it is unprecedented. Never before have there been so many ways to connect to customers, clients and communities.  Every second of the day, more and more people are engaging in conversations online.  

Regardless of the  industry or business sector, companies and individuals that are not paying attention to this glaring trend are missing out. Making connections, building your brand, getting referrals, creating value, advertising for significantly less – are all attainable through using online social media and incorporating this phenomenon into your marketing plan.


We are a new media training and education company that lives by the motto "It is better to know than to think you know".  There is power in knowledge and our goal is to share information on a number of business development topics, specifically e-commerce, digital technology, mobile marketing, new and social media, and building successful online businesses through the use of innovative technologies. With a diverse global network of business associates, Sweet Spot Marketing has the ability to deliver programs in multi-languages.

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