Monday, June 20, 2011

Guess I Should Tell My Daughter

So my daugther is graduating out of grade 9, heading off to High School in the Fall.  She wants to host a graduation party for some of her closest friends. We've been talking about it for a few months now and it seems most of her friends have asked her to hold it later in the summer.

With school coming to an end this week, I've been asking her to get her party organized, set the date, get some cards, send invitations out etc. This past weekend, she finally says to me "Mom, relax, it's called Facebook Events. I don't need to get cards as invitations, I just set up an event in Facebook and inviite people'.

Well I had to laugh because it dawned on me times have sure changed, and I was stuck in yester year when it comes to her graduation party.  It also dawned on me she doesn't get that I'm a Marketing and Social Media Training consultant that creates Facebook events all the time.

Guess it's time to tell her what I do :)
Author: Nancy Beth Guptill
Founder of Sweet Spot Marketing Canada
Marketing & Social Media Training Consultant
Twitter: @SweetMarketing

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