Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Atlantic Canada's Problem With Information & Communication Technology

Business dominates the World Wide Web and has gained significant importance for both consumers and business operators. Atlantic Canada's business stakeholders must continue to invest in improving their competitive position on the Web, through learning how to automate marketing processes, harnessing the power of the Internet, and building social media systems that optimize their online marketing efforts and
overall web presence.

Research suggests there is a wide gap between consumer expectations and what is currently being delivered online by Atlantic Canadian business operators, who are not meeting the standards expected by consumers today. As consumers continue to rely on the Internet as one of their primary information sources to research various business and consumer services, it is important for Atlantic Canadian operators to build and install strong online businesses, to improve
their individual competitiveness as well as the Atlantic Canadian region as a whole. If individual operators improve their online marketing presence it positively impacts Atlantic Canada allowing the region to improve its competitiveness in local and global markets.

At the point a consumer's search goes from general research, to specific operator research, businesses in Atlantic Canada must be able to capture the attention of the web visitor, engaging them through their online marketing processes, providing  content rich, education based information, and creating positive experiences during the 'Jump-On-Point', when web visitors are narrowing their search to specific business operators and critically evaluating their options.

Atlantic Canadian business operators must learn how to design websites that meet the needs and expectations of site visitors, providing them with the necessary content and information they require in order to make informed decisions. This information needs to be presented in a manner that connects and resonates with consumers, while differentiating themselves from their competition. Business operators need to understand the importance of providing positive online experiences and how take advantage of the various free online marketing and social media tools to further engage visitors, while providing enhanced positive experiences that allow web and social media visitors to experience their brand.

Author: Nancy Beth Guptill
Founder of Sweet Spot Marketing Canada
Marketing & Social Media Training Consultant
Twitter: @SweetMarketing

About Sweet Spot Marketing: Sweet Spot Marketing is a new media marketing training and education company that lives by the motto "It is better to know than to think you know, there is power in knowledge". We have a host of education programs in the areas of digital technology, new and social media, marketing automation, creativity, commercial innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. To learn how we work with government, business organizations and corporate clients, please book a complimentary assessment appointment:


John Morris said...

Perhaps you should make a list of well designed sites of Atlantic Canadian companies? Possible blog article?

Nancy Beth said...

Good idea, thanks for the suggestion.