Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Video has become the dominant form of content on the Internet. It's quick and convenient to watch, and has never been easier to create.

In fact, approximately half of all online traffic is video, and it's projected Online Video will make Up 86% - 90% of Internet Traffic in 2016. Since the creation of YouTube and other user-contributed video sharing channels, the popularity of video as a communication and entertainment tool has skyrocketed.
On average, over 48 hours of video content is being uploaded to YouTube every minute, with brands from all arenas incorporating video into their websites as well, and people are watching everything from online content to TV and movies online.
Video content drives traffic and increases leads. It creates buzz and dialogue around your product or service. And it gives your business - and you - a human face in the anonymous world wide web. Besides, if half of all online traffic is looking for video content, you'll be losing money if you don't try to take advantage of that audience pool.
Online video used to be only for large companies with big budgets. It was a fancy addition to whiz-bang websites, professionally produced and probably hardly viewed. Once YouTube launched, it became easy for anyone with a webcam and a built in microphone to create and distribute their own video content.
Now, most search engines offer users the option of searching video content only, and include video in their blended searches. Video is powerful, it's everywhere, and it's good news for your business.
Video builds trust: In the anonymous online world, video allows you to give your business a face and a voice. It is the closest you'll get to being able to personally greet each person who visits your website, or meet with every lead.
Video has many uses: If you think of video as a communication tool, the opportunities or ideas are endless. You can demonstrate the use of a product, promote a special offer, teach a class, interview an industry expert, summarize an event or spark discussion.
Video is everywhere: If half of all website traffic is video, then your audience is probably looking for video content too. You need to put a plan in place to capitalize on some of that traffic.
Video can be optimized: Video can help boost your search engine rankings just like text and images. It also gives you another category of Google to rank for, and more opportunities to have your company on the front page. If you had the choice between reading a tutorial and watching one, what would you choose?
Video is easy to create: The technology and hardware required to create and edit videos has never been less expensive. With a good video camera, high quality microphone and basic editing software, you'll be well on your way.

Internet Video Statistics - Why Video Marketing is for Everyone

Online Video Statistics 2013 - Infographic Animation

The Power of Online Video - The Stats 2013 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
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